SITC 2021


SEA-TGT | Advanced Malignancies | Poster #474

Phase 1 study of SEA-TGT, a human, nonfucosylated monoclonal antibody directed to TIGIT with enhanced immune effector function, in patients with advanced malignancies (SGNTGT-001, trial in progress)

SGN-B7H4V | Preclinical | Poster #854

SGN-B7H4V, a novel, investigational vedotin antibody-drug conjugate directed to the T cell checkpoint ligand B7-H4, shows promising activity in preclinical models

SGN-PDL1V | Solid Tumors | Poster #783

SGN-PDL1V, a novel, investigational PD-L1 directed antibody drug conjugate for the treatment of solid tumors